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Want your customers to know you’re the best restaurant in town? A restaurant wine list says a lot about the quality of the restaurant. You might sell a few more cheap, nasty wines, but those don’t attract those affluent, repeat customers who expect the best , and have the money to pay for it.

But how will customers know you have invested in a great wine service? Wine by Chris Urbano offers branded wine menus, so instantly your customers will know the wine has been curated by an expert wine buff that they know and trust, and not a door to door salesman.

We work with restaurants to tailor make a customised wine list.

Curated wine list: by Chris Urbano and your Head Chef to ensure customers enjoy the right wine, every time
Makes it easy: for customers by taking the ‘guess work’ out of ordering the right wine with food
Credible wine recommendations from a food/wine professional customers know and trust
Attractive, eye catching, sophisticated design: engages customers driving current or future wine purchases
Unique menu: logo / images are customised to your restaurant

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But what really sets us apart is we work with your restaurant to improve customer experience and improve profitability fo the wine service. We do this through

Wine service capability building
We can train your staff to:

  • Confidently deliver key sales messages to diners
  • Understand basic wine service
  • Attain sufficient product familiarity to sound credible

Wine sales performance optimisation and consultancy

The right pricing, margining and promotion strategy can make huge difference to how profitable or not your wine service is:

We work with you (and analyse your sales data) to answer questions regarding:

  • What is the right margining strategy?
  • What are the right price range / price points for my restaurant?
  • Wine storage / merchandising?
  • Wine promotions and marketing?
  • Corkage and take out sales?

Off-premise marketing through Wine by Chris Urbano and Maputing Cooking digital marketing channels

We have tens of thousands of followers across

  • Youtube (/maputingcooking)
  • Facebook (maputingcooking)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Reliable and risk-free ordering:

72 hour delivery and our industry leading ‘buy back’ scheme. We believe so strongly in our product, that if it is not moving, we’ll buy it back within 90 days at 90% of the original sales value.

Of course all our wine is covered by the Wine by Chris Urbano guarantee