Chrismont Petit Manseng


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Petit Manseng is a pale straw in color with hints of green. Aromas of gooseberry, passionfruit and kiwis lift from the glass with subtle floral notes. The zesty palate is busting with tropical fruit flavors with a hint of lime, balanced with mouth-watering spiciness and natural acidity, finishing with a lingering creaminess. – Wine Maker (Chrismont)

It is the small-berried cousin of Gros Manseng, a light-skinned variety that some believe to be genetically linked to Albarino. An extremely low-yielding variety with highacidity, Petit Manseng has the potential to produce wines with relatively high alcohol (given its naturally high sugar content). It is well suited for producing the unctuous dessert wines of Jurancon and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, as its thick skins respond well to the noble rot botrytis. Caution is needed in the vineyard to avoid the onset of the unwanted fungal diseases such as oidium and peronospora. – Wikipedia