Where can I ‘BYO’ my wine in Manila?

So you’ve finally started your own cellar but which are the best restaurants to enjoy your wine?

While the food scene in Manila has really improved in recent years, restaurant wine lists continue to disappoint, and when you’re on a special occasion why take the risk, when you can BYO a great wine from home?

Manila restaurants vary wildly in their corkage policies which range from the very reasonable, to the downright absurd. Below you’ll find a summary of restaurant corkage policies arranged by simple traffic lights to represent whether a restaurant is ‘safe’ to bring your premium wine to.

Green: Corkage is <400PHP per bottle Amber: Corkage is between 400 and 600PHP per bottle
Red: Corkage is >600PHP per bottle. Yep – more expensive than Sydney.
Black: BYO wine is not permitted by the restaurant

For now, we’re just covering fine dining restaurants in Makati City – but email us if this section is useful and let us know what areas you’d like us to cover next!

Restaurant Name City Area Assessment Corkage Price Per Bottle Corkage policy / Additional info
Ginos Pizza Makati Salcedo Village 0* Free corkage on first bottle
Apartment 1B Makati Salcedo Village 300 No limit
Café Romulo Makati Bel-Air 300 No limit
Wildflour Makati Salcedo Village 500 No limit
P1Blo Makati Salcedo Village 600 2000/champagne & whisky
Stockton Place Makati Legaspi Village 600 No limit
Blackbird Makati Salcedo Village 500 1000/champagne & whisky
Terry’s Makati Salcedo Village 700 No limit
C Italian Makati Salcedo Village 500 No limit
Makati Garden Club Makati Urdaneta 400 No limit
Mamou Too Makati Poblacion/Rockwell 0* 200/hard liquors
Hole in the Wall Makati Poblacion/Rockwell N/A Strictly not permitted
Your Local Makati Legaspi Village 700 700/hard liquors
12/10 Izakaya Japanese Makati San Antonio Village 500 1000/hard liquors
La Cabrera Makati Ayala 750 All liquors
Kitchen 1B Makati Legaspi Village 300 1000/hard liquors
Chef du Partie Makati Poblacion/Rockwell 500 1000/hard liquors
Allium Makati Legaspi Village 500 1000/hard liquors
Izakaya Kikufuji Makati Legaspi Village 300 300-500 hard liquors
Rural Kitchen of Liliw Laguna Makati Legaspi Village 600 All liquors
Seryna Jap Restaurant Makati Legaspi Village 500 All liquors
Rambla Makati Poblacion/Rockwell 600 1000/hard liquors
People’s Palace Makati Ayala/Greenbelt 500 All liquors